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Date: 9/7/2001
Written By: The Queen of Hearts

On Saturday, August 25th The CRIMEFIGHTER CORPS was invited to Albion as the guest speakers at the annual Neighborhood Watch Picnic. All three of us spoke to the crowd, but perhaps the most moving was the inspirational speech given by The QUEEN of HEARTS below:

by The Queen of Hearts

We forget all our relationships require Open and Honest Communication, Nurtured through Love, Support, and Respect for Ourselves and Others. Remember the inner core of any persona is where all the Innocent, Peaceful, Gentle, Tender Warm Action and Thoughts Begin. These thoughts Generate what we all Crave, Desire and Thrive on. Acceptance and Understanding, these are the Keys to all Social Harmony.

To live in Honor with Humanity one must decide on a code of Honor. I`ve chosen the following and wish to share it with you my Friends.

1. I choose to take care of myself first whereby I`ll have something to share with others.

2. I choose to see the Spirituality and Good in all of Humanity.

3. I choose to Seek the Positive in all that I See, Hear, Speak, and Do.

4. I choose to Express Myself with Truth and Kindness to my Fellowman.

5. I choose to lend a Helping Hand where ever I see a need striving to Heal Hearts rather than Hurt them.

6. I choose Practice Daily Sharing and Caring over Selfishness.

7. I choose to live in a world of Inspiration and Spread Hope over Despair.

8. I choose to see Life`s Brilliant Faces light up over spreading Gloom and Darkness.

9. I choose to be Creative and Experience Life over being a Silent Observer.

10. I choose to Educate and Guide rather than Ignore my Responsibility to Humanity.

11. I choose to Spread the Power of Peace and Unity rather than Ridicule, Neglect, Hate or War.

12. I choose not to live in fear but to challenge myself to Love and Confidence.

13. I choose to forgive Myself when I falter in my Footsteps or Decisions.

14. I choose to Love Humanity with my Heart and entire Being, to Live my Life Experiencing all the colors of True Emotion, to Truly Include my Fellowman.

For this is the Splendor of the Journey that I choose.

Utilizing this Code of Honor We can All work Together to END THE VIOLENCE, DIMINISH THE RAGE, and CONTROL THE ANGER of our world that has been moving to fast for to long. Leaving us all feeling unconnected.

It`s not the destination that matters it`s the Journey, the Positive Experience of Embracing Yourself, your Family, Friends and Neighbors in Peace and Harmony.

Then finally Honoring the Spirit of Humanity, the Spirit of Life through Grace, Integrity, and Dignity with Open Arms, Hearts and Minds.

We are privileged to experience Development, Wisdom, and Stature. Working modestly is Inspiring and makes one a unique individual seeing the needs of others. BECOME A CO-CREATOR over an OBSERVER and Please PASS IT ON.

Have a Fabulous Day!
The Queen of Hearts

Copyright 2001, CFC

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