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Date: 9/11/2001
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

Instead of watching the typical morning news the networks have to offer, I turn on the weather channel. I did the same this morning and left for a meeting less than ten minutes before terrorists` first attack on the World Trade Center towers.

I now know this morning was the last day I will ever see the image of the twin towers, just to the right of the Brooklyn Bridge, again. I doubt we`ll see a picture from that camera again. I doubt we`ll even think of ourselves as a nation as strong again---for a while at least.

I was at a meeting of the Jackson County Triad (an organization whose purpose is to fight against the criminal victimization of seniors) when we first heard that a "small plane" had crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers. Okay, a tragic accident. `Fog` someone said, but it didn`t seem to click. The meeting ended around 10:30 and I went on patrol. People continually asked me about the situation in New York. At that point I really didn`t know.

I stopped in a local restaurant and viewed the horror on television. "My God", I thought, "We are at war!" And we are.

For another two hours I proceeded to make my rounds greeting people and going on about my business. Then it hit me.

My brother-in-law works for one of the hi-jacked airlines. I have friends who have recently moved to New York. I may promote this great city and work with the police to quell crime whenever I can but today I felt helpless. I even began to cry.

My mother is old enough to have experienced the Pearl Harbor attack. But at that time, Pearl Harbor was just a military base on an American territory. She explained how that was, at the time, "War". But today she had trouble understanding what happened.

What happened today was not an attack on the American military, but a deliberate attack on the American public itself. And, believe it or not, this is the first serious attack this country has ever experienced.

Be prepared. Be aware. To beat this type of "war" we need to completely know our enemy.

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