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Date: 11/28/2001
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

For anyone who is of the age of consent knows, our world is a far different place than it ever was in the history of most of our lives. No one even needs to give specific details at this point. They just say, "911."
However, there is one group among our society which has been overlooked during all this. These are the people who don`t understand what the term "we`re at war" means. These are also the people whom shall one day take control of our world. These are our children.
In all the excitement of terrorism and horror, we have seemed to forget that it`s their innocence that is the only thing still in tact. And now that the holiday season is upon us, we also seem to have forgotten that the sole reason we do all this is for them.
Most of the offspring of the people who read my stories have nothing to worry about. Their parents have jobs and can afford computers, holiday decorations and plenty of toys for Christmas Day. But what about the scores of children in our own community who do not fit into this mold?
There is a program that the United States Marine Corps began decades ago called TOYS FOR TOTS. It provides toys for the children of parents who can afford them, much less a Christmas tree, holiday meal and in many more cases than you might think, a warm home and bed.
This year`s program is way behind even last year`s goals. According to local coordinator Bonnie Ludwig, "this year may show even less support for the program than last year."
That`s sad. The program doesn`t ask for anything fancy. I remember the time my own daughters` biggest toy was an eight dollar "Barbie boat" from Big Lots. And of all the presents she received that year, the boat is all that remains and she still loves, and plays with it.
For many of Jackson`s young people all it takes is a few dollars for a new toy. And as I mentioned, nothing fancy. Last year we spent about fifty dollars for twelve presents which included a package of 10 "Hot Wheels" like cars, 3 "Barbie" like dolls, a baby "sound" toy and a Big Yellow Dump Trunk ($4.95), to name but a few. Think about it. That`s an extra DVD or Game Boy program your child wouldn`t miss anyway.
This is the season of giving. And this program is one worth giving to. Please help by spending a few minutes (and dollars) and buy an extra toy or two for the TOYS FOR TOTS fund. After all, this is what the holiday season of giving is REALLY all about!

Below is a copy of a flier about the annual TOYS FOR TOTS celebration. Please attend, or just drop off a toy!

Come join COLDWELL BANKER ARCHWAY Inc. (also an official collection center for TOYS FOR TOTS) and the U.S. MARINES CORPS RESERVE and help brighten a child`s holiday season at our Annual Celebration Event!

Stop by with a new, unwrapped toy and enjoy some of the many activities, including:

*Having your picture taken with CAPTAIN JACKSON and The CRIMEFIGHTER CORPS
*Riding Uncle Bill`s Pony Rides (weather permitting)
*Being fingerprinted by Michigan State Police Trooper York
*Get winter bedding for your outside pet from Phil Garver
*Scott Schmidt and a pet from the Cascades Humane Society
*Face painting by Sassy the Clown (for $2.00 donation which goes to the TOYS FOR TOTS fund)
*Military displays provided by the Great Lakes Military Vehicle Preservation Society
*The Sports Car Club of America will be displaying the Sedan National Championship Car

The festivities are December 1st and run from 12:00noon to 2:00pm at the Coldwell Banker Archway office at 900 West North Street (just west of West Avenue). Refreshments will be served.
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