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Date: 12/15/2001
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

This is the time of year when we all seem to be willing to open our hearts and our pockets to charities. And even though our country is at war, and many people are suffering from the mild recession we seem to be in, the gifts to the needy continue. However, there is group that continually seems to be overlooked: our seniors.

Within our community we have an organization called Jackson County TRIAD. Their motto is "Crime Prevention and Senior Assistance" and they work with the Jackson County Sheriff Department, the Jackson City Police Department, the Jackson Fire Department and the Crouch Senior Center in an effort to reduce the criminal victimization of senior citizens. One of the ways TRIAD does this is through education.

Almost every day we read about senior citizens losing their life savings by scam artists. Many times you will read the quote, "But they seemed like such nice people." There are many times little the authorities can do, and even if they can bring the criminals to justice, usually any property or funds of the victims have already become history. Preventing this is one of the goals of TRIAD.

Another program Jackson County TRIAD has been working on is a cell phone program for seniors of the Jackson area. This program gives a used cell phone to any senior who feels the need to have one to the express purpose of calling 911 in case of emergency. These cell phone do not have to be activated, only charged to work.

Planned for months, and set into motion December 4th of this year, the program shows great promise. Unfortunately, the organization has had many more requests than they can fill.

Most people who use cell phones for business or personal use have upgraded from the first phone they have used. Many of these phones are still sitting in a drawer or box somewhere. These are the phones TRIAD needs for their donation program.

If you are the charity type, please consider contributing to this very charitable cause. You can do so by either dropping off (or sending) your used cell phone to: Crouch Senior Center, 134 Courtland Street, Jackson, MI 49201 Attn.: Cell Phone Program.

For more information about this program, or to apply for a phone, go to: . A printable application is available in the photo gallery section.

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