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Date: 6/1/2002
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

Even though it doesn`t actually occur for almost a month, Memorial Weekend has always seemed to symbolize the beginning of summer in Michigan. And with this year`s strange spring weather, this symbolism seems to have made this belief seem to be very true.

Of course, being the first holiday weekend of the "summer season", many people ventured to lands far away during this three (and to some a four) day weekend. I preferred to stay put. You see, I learned years ago, no matter where you travel in the state of Michigan, it always rains at least one day during this holiday weekend. However, this was a perfect holiday weekend to be in Jackson.

To kick off the holiday and the season was the first CRUISE NIGHT in beautiful Downtown Jackson on Friday, May 24th. Attendance was not what it might have been if this year it didn`t occur on a holiday weekend, but about a thousand people and close to a hundred classic and hot rod automobiles showed up. The award winning band MOJO PHOENIX played the blues to scores of people who ventured around Bucky Harris Park, and the Bennett`s were on hand providing their world famous hot dogs for all to enjoy.

Saturday was the day for the Ducky Derby at Cascades Falls. And it rained. No matter though, the event was well attended by hundreds of participants. Besides, ducks enjoy rain, plastic or not. But because of the weather conditions, the annual Sparks Park fireworks were postponed until Sunday evening. And though delayed, it was also well attended and went off without a flaw.

For those who had chose to remain in Jackson, Monday activities began with the annual Memorial Day (observed) parade which began in Downtown Jackson and ended at Mount Evergreen Cemetery off Greenwoon Avenue (to view photos, CLICK: Jackson Michigan Community Events photo gallery). Representatives from every war and most war veterans organizations were on hand. Also in force were local High School bands which played excellent tributes to some of our country`s unforgettable melodies. As usual, the ceremony was emotionally moving.

From that point it was a day in the seventies for Jackson residents and perhaps a barbecue with friends and family.

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