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Date: 3/10/2002
Written By: The Queen of Hearts

by The Queen of Hearts

Regardless of its potential, an airplane will not soar to great heights without a skilled pilot in control. Similar to the craft, we need someone directing our course. We are a nation that retreats from ourselves and our full potential. By retreating to our televisions we are not reaching out to our families and neighbors something of value is lost and nothing is gained. Is this reasonable behavior? This leaves us all with degraded relationships. This breakdown provides little to no direction for unity and a sense of community not to mention tradition and heritage. Let us all reconnect for a better future a clearer understanding of who we are, what we want, where we are going, where we live, and why we need each other. In perpetuity make a united effort to preserve our heritage and reunite in our family and community unity. In America we are all guaranteed our Freedom what we do with is up to us.


Break it down or build it up then equate the total sun of your right to make it equal to the best we all have to offer each other.

It can go something like this!

F = Family
R = Renew
E = Educate
E = Encourage
D = Determined
O = Optimistic
M = Mentoring

Remember all our neighbors are family as we are all connected in this universe. Let us build and reestablish what has been lost in our haste.

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