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Date: 6/30/2002
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

With as much as the DDA accomplishes both for the downtown business district as well as the summer events, the office is terribly understaffed. Granted, there does exist a board of directors which oversees many of the decisions the DDA makes, but the actual work is pretty much the responsibility of Executive Director Kathleen Eriksen and Downtown Projects Manager Debi Weid.

In the past they have had "Interns", people who would work regular hours free gratis during the busy events season to help with leg work such as delivering the DDA`s "Downtown Jackson" newsletter, distributing posters to local businesses and passing out fliers at downtown events. Projects Manager Debi Weid even began her career with the DDA this way. However, making such a commitment is not something many people wish to do, especially considering these rough economic times. But such a commitment is not necessary if you have the desire to make a positive difference. It`s called volunteering.

Granted, volunteering can be a great deal of work, but it is also very rewarding. And all you have to do is contact the DDA at (517) 788-4355 or visit them at their office on the fourteenth floor of the Jackson City Hall building (161 West Michigan Avenue).

Yours truly and crew volunteer as much as we can for this great cause. For example, I now post all upcoming DDA events on the JXN Michigan Calendar of Events. A couple of times this past year I helped distribute the DDA newsletters to downtown businesses, and both my daughter and girlfriend have helped at more than one event passing out fliers to people on the street about coming events. But there is even more.

As DDA volunteers, all you need to do is let Kathleen or Debi know when you are available. For example, at the June CRUISE NIGHT we worked out a schedule for Crimefighter Girl to pick up and hand out five hundred newsletters and fliers. With the help of The Queen of Hearts, they passed out many more than that.

And there are also many perks that go with such volunteer work. For example, many school programs recognize such work as extra credit. My daughter has been involved in two in which she wrote reports about her services and duties.

But even more important, this is the type of work that will give you the true feeling of contributing to your community. Believe me, once you try it you`ll be hooked just like we are!

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