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Date: 8/19/2002
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

Who says a neighborhood can`t come together? If nothing else just offer free food! That`s what happened Sunday, August 18 at the corner of Wilkins and Greenwood in Jackson.

The event was sponsored by the local police and area residents and included activities for the children such as face painting, balloon hats, magician The Great Mendini, plenty of free goodies and, of course, free food!

One of the main topics of discussion among the attendees was drug pushers in the area. And while the Jackson police officers where not in uniform, they definitely did give a listening ear.

"We report these (drug pushers) to the cops and even if they arrest them, they`re back on the streets that day," one local resident said. One of the problems discussed was the lack of current jail space.

To the shock of most people, there are currently over 5000 arrest warrants out for wanted criminals in Jackson County alone. Granted, the majority are for non-violent and child support violations, but they are legitimate violations non the less. Until now this lack of jail space has sent a negative message to criminals: "Commit the crime, don`t do the time". But to the relief of many locals, all that will change soon enough with the passage of the millage for the new county jail system.

Once completed, the new complexes will be able to hold over four hundred prisoners, as well as save the county a great deal of money (over $500,000 so far this year) in the cost of "boarding" prisoners in other area county jails.

With the success of this picnic, hopefully it will become a regular event to bring residents in this, and other, neighborhoods together!

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