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Date: 1/11/2003
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

January 12th was a very special day for Lonnie Hull DuPont. In addition to it being her fiftieth birthday, it was also a day which she was able to spend with over a hundred of her close friends and family, many of whom traveled hundreds of miles to attend this festive event.

Just as important was where Lonnie and her husband Joe decided to hold the party. Not just a rental hall or hotel banquet room, they held this party at The Michigan Theatre.

People began to assemble at the theater around 2:00pm. After many loving greetings, the party attendees entered the auditorium where Lonnie, her husband and longtime family friend Ila Smith took a few moments to speak. Ila also recited a very touching poem she had written especially for Lonnie:

by Ila J. Smith, January 11, 2003

We`re recent friends by calendar count,
But a case for much longer I can easily mount,

No time need apply to a remark of a quip,
Or her laugh to skate you off on a delightful trip,

Of places she`d been and people she`s met,
She gifts them over to you---it`s as good as you can get

To being in `Frisco, New York or even Greece,
Yet you know her hometown has her heart`s largest piece;

Where she openly shares with her family and friends
And we love it that she does---it`s a perfect blend.

And of "blends"---Lonnie and Joe---what a perfect fit,
God had to know they`d be a major hit!

And did you all know they`ve been married 10 years?
That January 30 is the day for those cheers?

So, Lonnie, you`ve hit the "BIG 5---0"
Where often people groan and pull a face of woe,

But so typically, you chose to embrace the day
With a party supreme, and I have to say

On behalf of the "Michigan" and all these folks here
Happy, happy birthday, Lonnie---Good health and good cheer!

Then came a screening of the Alfred Hitchcock classic "North by Northwest" starring Cary Grant. After the movie, cake was served.

For her birthday, instead of gifts for herself, she requested donations for the further restoration of the Michigan. And people were certainly generous. As a special request, Lonnie had asked Ila Smith if it would be possible to have local crime fighting celebrity and Michigan Theatre volunteer Captain Jackson appear at her party. Both this reporter and sidekick Crimefighter Girl were only too happy to comply.

For those who don`t know about this very talented lady, Lonnie has lived in many parts of the country, including New York and San Francisco. She was a Western High School teacher from 1977 to 1982, and is currently a book editor and poet. She and husband Jon have been married for ten years and, as was obvious to all at the party, are very much in love. She has written a book about actor Mike Myers as well as one about the Japanese form of poetry called "haiku".

This was a very special event for both Lonnie as well as the Michigan Theatre. As Lonnie had mentioned while speaking to her friends, "I had great memories at this theater...I though it would be a great place for my (birthday) party." And the hall is available.

While the Michigan receives the majority of it`s income from showing movies, what many people don`t realize is that it is also the sight of many private parties. Up to now, the majority of these have been corporate endeavors. But for someone who wishes to entertain a large group of people, the cost of the Michigan can many times be less than that of a "generic" banquet hall. And the showing a movie on the largest movie screen in Jackson is just another plus.

For more information about booking the theater, call (517) 783-0962.

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