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Date: 1/15/2003
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

In show business there`s an expression, "The show ain`t over `till the fat lady sings." For the Michigan Theatre this January it seemed as though she would never sing. But this was anything but bad, as I`m talking about the showing of the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

The film began it`s run at the Michigan as a "First Friday" event. It was scheduled for the weekend, as well as the following Wednesday and Thursday evenings. As it was also showing across town at the GKC theaters, few at the Michigan thought the turnout would be very much. But everyone was in for a big surprise.

For the first time since the premiere of the Jeff Daniels movie "Super Sucker", the line of patrons extended well around the block. A total of 570 people showed up for the 7:00pm showing. The film was delayed almost a half hour as people continued to walk in. And with the concession stand busy past eight, many patrons stayed for the 9:00pm showing just to see the beginning!

City Treasurer Randy Wrozak attended the 9:00pm show. "I drove by (at seven) and couldn`t believe it! I went home and took a nap." The movie was such a success, theater manager George Davis booked the film for another week.

The following weekend again surprised theater personnel. Hundreds filled the aisles both during the week as well as the weekend. In an unprecedented move, George Davis booked the movie for a third week.

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is the kind of story one might define as a "feel good story" or a "chick flick". Although the plot is obvious from the beginning, many people returned to see it again and again. One couple had seen it a couple of times but wanted to see it again on a special occasion.
"It`s our 28th wedding anniversary," the husband said, "and this is such a wonderful film. It`s not filled with violence or profanity like so many others you see (even on TV). And seeing it at the Michigan is an added treat."

And who could doubt such a statement? With it`s continual building restoration, the best popcorn and largest screen in town, the Grand Palace of Emerald City continues to shine on.

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