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Date: 1/23/2003
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

Weather may be the number one topic people talk about, but as a general rule that is simply to make conversation. Sports, at number two, is really the topic with substance. However, lately it`s been weather which has been the true topic of choice among people with high temperatures in the low teens and wind chill factors well below zero.

Two years ago we had a record blizzard. Last year we had steady temperatures in the low twenties which seemed to last well into February. But this year we have had a January which would make any Fairbanks, Alaska native feel right at home.

This is the kind of weather that two layers of expensive long underwear and an extra heavy coat of spandex means one can be on the street three minutes before the cold penetrates their very soul. Even many local companies who employ people to work outside with much thicker clothing have changed their schedules.

This "cold wave" is predicted to turn into a "heat wave" within a week. Yea, right. I believe what the weather forecasters were really talking about is a return to the upper twenties. Regardless if they are talking about temperatures hitting forty, remember, this IS Michigan.

When I lived in the Las Vegas desert, a weatherman could predict the weather six months in advance and still be 98.7% accurate. One problem here is our location within the state of Michigan. No matter what a weather forecaster predicts, once a weather front hits Lake Michigan, they can only accurately predict the weather about four hours in advance of it hitting Jackson.

So what is the future for this winter? I`ve only had to use my snow shovel once this year and that took less than twenty minutes to take care of a forty foot driveway.

Cold? Perhaps. But personally, I really don`t mind shoveling snow in 28 degree weather. Besides, it`s great exercise!

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