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Date: 2/1/2003
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

Today was truly another sad day for the world as the space shuttle COLUMBIA vaporized while re-entering the planet`s atmosphere at 200,000 feet above Texas. That`s almost eight miles straight up from the ground. Seven astronauts lost their lives.

Unlike as many of the cable news services have seemed to allude, this was not a terrorist act. Rather, this was really no different than any plane crash which takes several lives with it.

According to early reports, this may have been caused by some sort of equipment malfunction, such as a piece of debris breaking loose from the main booster rocket during lift off which possibly damaged the left shuttle wing and some of it`s ceramic heat shield tiles.

Many of us remember the CHALLENGER shuttle disaster of 1986. Personally, I was flipping a burger at a Big Boy Restaurant in the Detroit area when we got the news. All work stopped. Our manager walked into the dining room moments later to explain why food orders might be a few minutes late. Even the patrons were stunned.

Whatever cause is finally determined, we as Americans can only come together and morn such a disaster. I`m certain like me, your prayers will also go out to these fallen astronauts and their families.

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