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Date: 2/16/2003
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

Okay, the above title may not be totally correct, but that`s only because I still have a problem publicly saying the word "Vagina". However, as both a Michigan Theatre volunteer and a reporter, I`ve got to report that "The Vagina Monologues" was one of the best comedy/drama performances I`ve seen in a long time.

Where people could ever get the idea that this program is degrading to woman is beyond me. Talk about a joke! Unlike the recent Jackson Citizen Patriot Voice of the People letters, this production was nothing more than a collection of ribald tales told from a women`s point of view.

It wasn`t "dirty". Nor was the language, and it gave me the impression this could be the kind of thing Sam Kinison might have done if he had been born a woman.

As publicized, this was a collective of individual stories about the female sexual organ. In reality, it was more about women`s personal sexual experiences. These are the kind of tales which make your imagination run rampant until you finally "get it". The content was primarily toward the positive.

If one listened closely, there were many "sub-plots". Some monologues did leave you feeling less than great. But in others you actually felt as though you had become part of the woman`s mind and were actually experiencing the feelings and emotions she felt regarding her partner during "the act".

About thirty percent of the attendees were men. And although many arrived with the open appearance of being "dragged" to the event by their wives or girfriends, afterwards it was obvious the majority enjoyed the performance as much or more than the women. Controversial? Yea, right. Perhaps the title. But not one of the patrons voiced as much as a single complaint, much less walked out.

This show was a success, as well as a great financial benefit to The AWARE Shelter, contributing well over twenty thousand dollars to their coffers. The local theater group CENTER STAGE JACKSON brought this entire, and very well made, production together in order to help the shelter. Please forgive me if I don`t mention all the individual credits.

Michigan Theatre personnel predicted a turnout of around six hundred people. The house was packed with double that, a scene the theater has experienced several times in recent history. Again, the Grand Palace of Emerald City presented a spectacular rendition of both intelligence and class.

I hope people will lighten up when another such production is presented in Jackson. Remember when "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" first came to this town? There were protests in the streets. Rumor was that the movie was about homosexuals. In reality, the film is about a group of aliens from outerspace who just happen to dress and act the way that many people believe homosexuals do.

Next time, examine the facts before you judge.

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