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Date: 2/17/2003
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

I read a review of Jeff Daniels latest movie. Financed by Ted Turner, and made as a pre-quel to the very successful TV mini-series GETTYSBURG, this film seemed to "fill in the blanks" as far as explaining the emotions and feelings of the soldiers of both sides as well as the setting the mood for the original film.

Getting back to the review, it`s basic complaint was that there wasn`t enough blood. As a history student of the Civil War, believe me, there was enough. This film portrayed the feeling of war, and people spurting quarts of red liquid would have only turned the audience off to the feeling of this story. Think about it. How many times have you seen John Garfield or Edward G. Robinson get plugged without a single hole in their suits and yet believed that they had "bought it"?

This movie was very emotional though. A number of people at The Michigan Theatre mentioned to me how cruel "war was back then". Has anything changed?

The one scene I will always remember is when a bomb exploded in mid-air, taking out a number of soldiers. The concussion via surround sound almost knocked me on my butt. But again, no blood.

The only point I must agree with the review is that a three and a half hour movie runs too long for a typical theater. At the Michigan there was an intermission, but a theater`s twelve minute intermission is not enough. Regardless, this, like GETTYSBURG, will end up as a mini-series (and video) on one of Turner''''s networks where it will be even more of a success. I know this because I already own a copy of GETTYSBURG.

And as far as any questions about Daniels` reason for premiering the movie in Jackson, he did it to make money. Not only for The Michigan Theatre, but for his own Purple Rose Theater in Chelsea. Some people may have a problem with this but the packed house of almost 1500 people who paid top dollar didn`t. Of the proceeds, the Michigan received $10,000 and took in another $3,000 from concessions. Not bad for a long afternoon at the movies. Just another example of Daniels` willingness to give something back to society.

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