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Date: 6/27/2003
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

The next time you hear someone make the statement, "There`s nothing to do in Jackson", ask that person if they have ever traveled more than a block or two from their home. There`s plenty to do. In fact sometimes there`s too much to do.

Compared to most similar sized communities, Jackson averages almost three times as many activities, the majority of which are family oriented and free.

Beginning the end of May and lasting through Labor Day, Jackson`s Downtown Development Authority hosts events such as CRUISE NIGHT, PICNIC IN THE PARK and VIBE@5. And when another organization isn`t hosting an event downtown, there`s two DDA events a week. If one wished to attend every event which takes place around Jackson in July alone, he would have to take a vacation from work just to visit the majority of them!

For example, Jackson Race Week actually lasts three weeks and includes events which take place all over the county and conclude with a weekend of races at Michigan International Speedway. Then there`s the three day Hot Air Balloon Jubilee which takes place at the county airport. It`s in it`s twenty first year and draws more people, planes and balloons than any similar event in this part of the country.

Speaking of draw, the downtown Jackson CRUISE NIGHTS have also gained the reputation of being one of the best car shows in this part of the country, with a typical draw of three to five thousand people and hundreds of antique, classic and hot rod cars.

If you think that`s enough to fill your July plate of things to do, there is also SUMMERFEST. The Downtown Merchants Association holds this free two day event each year which includes everything from free music to a day long Mini-Grand Prix race through the downtown streets.

Come August, in addition to the DDA`s regular list of downtown events, there is the Jackson County Fair and the Cascades Civil War Muster.

Ever think what a vacation in Jackson might be like? How about local attractions like Sparks Park`s famous Cascades Falls or the Michigan Space Center? And within thirty minutes drive time is the Irish Hills along US-12 where you can visit several "tourist trap" attractions like Mystery Hill and Stagecoach Stop.

If you`re looking for top name concerts in a small venue such as Jefferson Starship, Three Dog Night and Cheap Trick, or live theater with personalities like Mickey Rooney, Bill Cosby or Bob Newhart, there`s Jackson Community College`s Potter Center and downtown Jackson`s Michigan Theatre.

And let`s not forget about golf. It would take you over a week to play all the golf courses within the Jackson area. The majority are open to the public and they not only offer similar challenges as some of the world`s greatest, but also have comparatively lower green fees.

Nothing to do in Jackson? I only wish my home town of Detroit had as much to offer when I lived there.

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