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Date: 8/14/2003
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

It was supposed to be a short evening of security work for me. Foote Hospital`s PASSAGES group was holding their annual free presentation at The Michigan Theatre, giving away door prizes and presenting the "chick flick" "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". My job was doorman, greeter and parking lot security man. Along with two security guards from Foote Hospital, I was on hand to see that the 900 attendees made it safely to their cars and on their way home.

The temperatures were still in the eighties come nightfall, and the humidity close to 100%. 9:30 came and I was looking forward to getting off duty and relaxing after a long day of work as well as an uncomfortable evening of patrol. But all that suddenly ended when a woman from Spring Arbor reported that her car had been stolen.

One of Foote`s security guards reported the theft to 911. We waited with the lady until Jackson City Police Officer Marty Herr arrived to take the report. After that we waited until a relative arrived to give her a ride home. My patrol didn`t end until after 11:00.

But of the hundreds of cars in the downtown area that evening, why was it hers that was stolen? Well, first of all, she left her car unlocked. Even with today`s technology, "popping the lock" still only takes about thirty seconds. Secondly, she had left her keys underneath the floor mat. I`m certain her insurance company will have a couple issues to take up with her. It was simple, she made it very easy for the thief to steal her car.

Another mistake people make is to place both the ignition and truck keys in one of the magnetic "hide a key" boxes. Nothing wrong with hiding a key in case you lose yours, but only hide the trunk key. Then inside the trunk conceal the door/ignition key in an "out of the way" area. Even if a would be thief finds the trunk key, it will still take him some time to find the important one, which will probably draw unwanted attention.

But let`s not forget the number one common sense (or lack there of) mistake people make to invite car thieves. They warm their cars up in the morning during the winter months. Granted, there may be nothing wrong with this, but KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED while doing so. During the winter months would be thieves travel neighborhoods looking for steam from running cars and just hop in and drive away!

And do the same with the newer cars that have the special sensor embedded in the key. A second key may cost over a hundred dollars, but most people have a deductible which is much higher than that! And don`t forget how your insurance company will punish you if you make it that easy for a thief.

In our line of volunteer work we see a great deal of this "lack" of common sense. And these people aren`t stupid. Usually the situation is just that the person is in a hurry. Take some advice from someone who sees it all the time: Take your time, be aware of your surroundings and be safe!

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