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Date: 9/26/2003
Written By: Crimefighter Girl

by Crimefighter Girl

Have you ever cared so much about someone, you thought if you lost them you wouldn`t know what you would do? I have.

Being a crime fighter has allowed us to met and speak with very many people. Over the years we have enjoyed being friends with almost everyone we meet. For me I think that it`s one of the best things, because I like being able to continue contact with everyone, and I meet people who become very special to me, and I really care about them.

I think it`s wonderful how many friendships we have, they all very special to us. Although sometimes its hard to keep in touch with everyone, we do try. I am very lucky because if I was`t Crimefighter Girl, I would never meet as many people as I have. There are so many people, so many names, it is very hard to keep track of all of them, but as I said, we try. I like meeting different people, and it`s really great.

During the summer, we volunteered a lot at the Michigan Theatre while the play Li`l Abner was being performed. I had the chance to meet Jacob Freese who was in the play. After the play was over, we continued to talk, and Jacob got to go with us to Cruise Night. We all had a great time. Jacob is in the 7th grade and he likes to listen to music, talk and hang out with his friends, performing, doing musicals and plays, and acting. He also has his own website, Milky*s Website.

I think it`s cool that I have a friend who knows me as Crimefighter Girl, but he gets to know me also. I am very glad that I have a friend who I can talk to about it, because I only have two friends who know me, and who also know I have a secret identity, so I don`t talk about it a lot to people. Jacob knows I am not only a crime fighter, but I am a real person too. He is also is a very sweet, and caring person. He`s another very special person to me. He`s also someone I will never forget. He might not know this, but I care about him a lot, and I don`t know what I would do without his friendship.

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