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Date: 11/22/2003
Written By: Crimefighter Girl

by Crimefighter Girl

Her name was Rae Loeffler and she was a passionate and caring person who we all loved. She inspired me to be the best person I can be, because she always tried her best. She always lived life to its fullest. And even though she had cancer, it didn`t get her down. She didn`t let it get in the way of what she wanted. Every time I saw her, I admired her even more because I was so proud of how she handled everything.

I met her at the June 2000 Cruise Night, a night I would never forget. She was the head of a band called SHOUT!, which impersonates the Beatles. She performed as George Harrison, and she truly loved it. I had never really heard the Beatles, and I was very lucky to have heard her and the band that day. I made four new friends, Aaron, John, Kevin, and her, and I also fell in love with their music, and the Beatles.

She had another band called THE TRAVELERS, and I got to see her even more when they performed at events in Jackson. I was always glad to see her and to be able to spend time with her.

One night I decided to call my dad. I started talking to him, and I remember telling him a joke. I don`t even remember what it was. He was really upset for some reason. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he had some bad news. He told me what I feared for the longest time. He told me Rae had died.

I knew she was sick, but I don`t think one can really realize how bad it is until the end. It was, and I realized it then. It hit me like a bus on the street. We weren`t ready to loose her. I didn`t know what to do. I didn`t know how to act. I just knew I had lost a great friend.

Rae was a wonderful person. We all loved and miss her very much. I still listen to the Beatles, and think of all the wonderful memories we had together. I wish she was still here. She always made me smile, and make me feel glad when I was around her, and I miss that feeling. I miss knowing I could talk to her about everything, and I miss knowing she was there for me. If you didn`t know her, I`m sorry you missed out having such a friend. You missed knowing a wonderful person.

Editors Note:
Wendy Rae Loeffler was 37 when she died February 1, 2003 at home in Reading Township. She was graduated from Reading High School in 1983 and went on to earn a bachelor`s degree in journalism from Madonna University. She founded two bands, SHOUT!, a Beatles tribute band and The Travelers. In addition, she was a staff writer for the Hillsdale Daily News for 10 years.

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