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Date: 3/19/2004
Written By: Editor

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Because many people are continually complaining about the seeming lack and restrictions of parking in downtown Jackson, CAPTAIN JACKSON appeared at the 3-16-04 Jackson City Council meeting. Below is a copy of his speech:

I am here to speak about the parking availability in downtown Jackson and the general public`s lack of knowledge regarding it.

For example, while volunteering at The Michigan Theatre, seldom does an evening go by that a patron does not ask if they will be ticketed or towed for parking in a one hour or a green permit space. Recently, Annette Walker of Bella Notte mentioned they occasionally have day long seminars and the biggest problem is them having to play "parking space tag" every couple of hours. I suggested she have such groups park at Foote Hospital`s underground lot* for $1.50, which according to the security people has between 150 and 250 open spaces during the day. Also, during one of the concerts at the amphitheater last year, I ran into two city employees. One stated, "I almost didn`t come because I had to park so far away". My response was, "Why didn`t you park in the new structure?" He said he didn`t have a permit. I explained, "anyone can park there anytime after 3:00, and all weekend".

I am bringing this up at this meeting because most city departments are in attendance, and I really didn`t know exactly whom to address. I also have a couple of suggestions for your consideration.

As many of you are aware, I post events on the JXN Michigan Calendar of Events for many organizations, including the DDA. This year for the Amphitheater concert entries, I have included a short paragraph explaining the times anyone can park at the adjoining parking structure.

I have also spoken to Mike and Sue of AMS Developers about the possibility of a printable parking map, along with a short explanation of the downtown parking rules on the City website. Perhaps such a statement could be added to the quarterly DDA newsletter as well.

I know many of you regularly appear on the local radio programs as well as The Bart Hawley Show. Please keep it in the back of your mind to mention to citizens about the rules of parking in these zones.

These are only my suggestions because of what local citizens have said to me. But more importantly, remember, no matter how much new business we get downtown, if the general public is unaware of the ease of free parking, we might just as well put up a sign that says "Welcome to Downtown Jackson-parking permit holders only".

*(at One Jackson Square, the North East corner of Michigan Avenue and Mechanic Street)

If you enjoy visiting downtown Jackson and know others who would like to as well, please pass along CAPTAIN JACKSON`s message.

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