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Date: 9/26/2004
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

Recently, while attending the fifth annual Albion Police sanctioned Neighborhood Watch Picnic, I was honored with an award for my "...Loyal Service To Our Neighborhood Watch Group And Our Community!!". It was presented by Albion Monroe Street Watch Group members Hazel Vandevender and Terry Sweeter as thanks for my continued work not only in Jackson, but also my four years of helping Albion increase it`s own community programs.

Later that night while patrolling the streets of Jackson, Michigan, I ran into Jackson Police Officer Dave Renteria. We discussed the award and some of Jackson`s citizens who wish to make a difference in such watch programs as well.
"They`re always gung ho for the first month, then they no longer seem to have the time", Renteria said. I`ve found the same with many people who wish to become a "Super Hero" and join our group of independent crime fighters. At first, all they see is the supposed "glory" from being seen in a uniform with a cape and mask. But I always explain the requirements involved with such a job.

As I tell people, this is a very DANGEROUS job. We deal with the same SCUM that the police do, and our lives are at risk every time we are on the street. Regardless, the community does depend on us, both for protection as well as PR.

If you haven`t read this article that was written a few years ago (also available via a link from our website), perhaps you should give it a close look at (and you need to Cut and Paste this), before you get the idea of attempting what we do on almost a daily basis.

Believe me, I didn`t ask for this job. It`s just something that happened to me one day. Five years ago I just wanted to make a difference. I wanted to bridge the ever growing gap I saw between the police and the citizenry.

And am I really a "Super Hero"? By definition, yes. Do I enjoy this title? No. I`ve always preferred "Independent Crime Fighter". Regardless, myself and my two sidekicks Crimefighter Girl and The Queen of Hearts have become known as Jackson, Michigan`s true Super Heroes. But in reality, it`s the local citizens we work with every day that deserve such a title.

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