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Date: 8/29/2006
Written By: CaptainJackson

by Captain Jackson

When we started our mission in Jackson, Michigan almost seven years ago we never considered ourselves as "Superheroes". Instead, we dressed in very unique uniforms with masks and capes and set one goal: to choose a district in our community and make it basically crime free. After six years of almost daily patrols in the "loop" area of downtown Jackson, Police Chief Ervin Portis stated on the local cable "Bart Hawley Show" that "...the downtown (loop) area is the most crime free in the city. Of course, if you cross Washington or Glick (outside the "loop"), it is the most crime ridden area". This is very true. But not just because of myself, or our organization, but because we have been able to educate the downtown population and business owners about how to keep crime out of the area.

I don`t "cruise" the internet very much. But about a year ago I was e-mailed by an organization that was doing a story about "real superheroes". Though I felt such a title was unwarranted, I did an interview. Turns out our organization represents three of this planets six or seven "true" superheroes.

As I have said in the past, we never asked for such a title. However, it looks like now may be the time to claim it as well as explain why our organization may deserve it.

First of all let me cover some personal history. In late August 2005 I was assaulted by a drunk who "sucker punched" me and kicked me almost unconscious while I was doing a "bar check". The police chief himself followed the man and saw that he was arrested. Three months later, while off duty, I was arrested for "impaired driving". What followed was a sick crucifixion of me by the local press as well as over 5000 newspapers around the planet. I lost one of my jobs and was about to loose my house. I was hounded by the press and decided to give a public statement that I was going to retire. Not only did I feel I had wasted six years of my life, I also felt I had been betrayed.

For twelve days I did nothing. During that time I received over two thousand e-mails from all over the planet, from average "Joes" to high ranking police officials. None were anything but encouragement to continue. At the same time there were daily reports on the local media about "what will happen if Captain Jackson retires" to "has our local Superhero really hung up his cape?". Finally I called the local radio station and said I would make a public statement.

My initial intention was to say how I had enjoyed working as a "neighborhood watch" person and that I hoped that someone else, or another such group, would continue the work at their own personal expense as we had. It didn`t turn out that way. For the next hour and a half people called in condemning the local press and praising me/us for the years of hard work we had done working with the local police and citizenry. It was then I realized I deserved the title "Superhero", and not because I ever wanted it, but because the people I protected considered me one. That evening I was back in my district (in uniform) patrolling.

The reason I writing this story is not because of what my organization has accomplished but rather what it seems to have created around the planet: a group of young people who believe that they can create a "costume", walk the streets and just become a "Superhero". Many have contacted me for advice, and it has always been the same: get a life! As I tell them, "I didn`t ask for this job, it just happened". The same is true when I address neighborhood watch groups.

If you would like to make a differnce in your community do so without thinking you have to do it the same way we did. After all, what we have accomplished is a one and a million situation. Meet your neighbors and work with them and you will see the positive results.

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