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Date: 1/7/2009 2:07:00 AM
Written By: CaptainJackson

by Captain Jackson

It was a Tuesday night, December 17, 2008 and I was attending a "Building Committee work night" at The Michigan Theatre. During a break, fellow volunteer Ron Hiveley causally mentioned, "you know, there`s a story about you in Rolling Stone magazine". I did not.

The next morning while having coffee and reading the Jackson Citizen Patriot on line I ran into the story title "Rolling Stone does bit on our own Captain Jackson". I guess it was a slow news day as it was written by Brad Flory and placed on the bottom of the front page which also included a pictured of me in a gray mask and cowl---something I hadn`t worn since mid 2000. If they are going to publish a photo of me, a current one would be nice---which I`ve offered---but I suppose that`s the "tabloid business".

Later that day I purchased a copy of the newspaper and tracked down a copy of the latest Rolling Stone which contained the article Ron had mentioned. "Thank God they only did a short mention about us" I thought as I read the story. Why? The story was about these "Real Life Superheroes" and featured "Master Legend" and showed pictures of him and his trollop sidekick "Ace". Master Legend even mentions how, "there are a few places I am allowed in my costume", and while there he drinks beer while doing his interview! They even quoted a guy named "Superhero" stating, "We`re not just a bunch of fat guys wearing spandex". Guess really are.

By the same token, I don`t drink while on duty, even though the local tabloid got more press with the front page headline, "Captain Jackson Busted for Drunk Driving" in December 2005. To set the record straight, I was off duty and arrested for impaired driving. Of course, "Joe Smith Busted for Drunk Driving" probably wouldn`t have even made the last section.

Unlike these RLS people, we have worked with the local Police, business owners and community members to become the respected crime fighters so many people all over the world respect and ask advice from, and which to emulate.

For years I`ve been haunted by "wannabes", or as they and the press likes to call them, "Real Life Superheroes". Funny, when Crimefighter Girl and I began doing this back in 1999, there may have been a couple other people on the planet who had tried doing something like this. Our reason for popularity was that we were the first to have any kind of website.

It was the first day of January 2000 when I finally bought a computer. Crimefighter Girl knew how to use one because of school. I would have trashed the thing with a brick within a couple days. The instructions were useless unless one already understood the language. I did not. Regardless, the third day of the month came around and I signed up with The Modem Pool, a local e-mail server in Jackson, and slowly learned how to use it.

It wasn`t long before I was checking out websites on-line, including M-Live which hosts the local newspaper. At the time it offered "free home pages" and we started one. A few months later AMS Developers offered us a free website with domain name and since then we have been know all over the Planet.

To this day I am still plagued with "wannabes". The best advice I can give them is to read "How to be a Crime Fighter" by going to, and cut and pasting:
Why? Number one, we didn`t ask for this job. Number two, you`ll probably end up dead trying to do what you think you can. I also end my letters to these "wannabe" RLS people to always remember, "Leave the Crime Fighting to the Professionals".

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EDITORS NOTE: Although the recent Rolling Stone article may have "glorified" certain "wannabes", it was also an insult to those who have actually been doing a well needed, and citizen respected service for their communities. In addition to Captain Jackson and The Crimefighter Corps, The EYE from Mountain View, CA has also been on patrol for years. Below is his response to the article.
From The EYE:

Greetings, to those who have had the misfortune of reading the latest Rolling Stone`s "article on the RLSH movement", Firstly, I want to express a personal apology for the recent Rolling Stone article on RLSH`s. to wit:

It was put to those of us interviewed that it was going to be an even-handed article showcasing several of us, me included, and what the RLSH movement is about, how we each go about what we do, and why, etc.

But that`s not what we (or the reader) got at all...not by a long damn shot.

What *did* come out what a sensationalist article that hardly mentioned the rest of us that actually do *real* work for our communities, including neighborhood watch, charity functions, etc....all the important things that need community support that we in the community of RLSH`s hope to try and draw attention to. It was just an article about one costumed, deservedly poverty-stricken, lunatic called "Master Legend", with imagined "super powers" and alleged police contacts.

As for myself, I do not claim to be a real life super hero, because as any sane person knows, they do not exist. I just got lumped into that category, as RLSH`s are "the new thing", and they didn`t know how to include me in the article without lumping me in with the rest of the group of people interviewed.

What do exist are costumed adventurers, crime fighters and more, each using their talents and experience to help their society, without the need for attention that a lunatic like "Master Legend" (honestly, who names themselves something like that with a straight face?) seems to crave, and apparently makes for much better "entertainment" copy than showing what we in the RLSH community are really all about.

I remember clearly talking about how citizens can help their local police, by being the extra eyes and ears that help the PD work with the citizenry in an effective partnership. That, and so much more. But somehow, none of that, or of what I know that other RLSH`s in the article expressed in a similar fashion, ever got printed. Huh. Imagine that.

So, on the behalf of all the folk like me out there trying to do what they can to provide a real idea of what the RLSH movement is about, I apologize for the atrocity that this article puts forth, wearing the mask of a clown.

We are not silver and black-wearing loons, wearing their neo-nazi helmets, while claiming to be "a super hero" with fantasy voodoo powers.

Nope...we are just plain folks, regular citizens, doing the best we can, whenever we can, however we can...because we care. The costume is just to get you to pay attention, that`s all. Not to us...but to the many and varied causes we represent.

We do not waste our time lobbing throwing stars at targets (illegal, BTW, Mr. "Legend" much for "crime fighting" there, eh?)...we spend our own time, our own money, and our own blood, sweat and tears doing what we feel we were born to do... ...because it`s the right thing to do. Period.

So, if you`ve already wasted your hard-earned $ on this rag, use it to line your bird`s cage. Yeah, even the page with my face on it. I don`t give a damn. That`s all it`s good for, and that`s what I`m going to do with it.

In Seeing Justice Done, ~The Eye~

Driven by Xcent

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