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Date: 10/30/2000
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

Not one month from his final radio/cable TV appearance on WJKN`s "The Afternoon Show", Bart Hawley has returned to the cableways of Jackson and Blackman Township. At 6:00pm, October 23, 2000, JTV-17 began broadcasting. And unlike the other "Public Access" channels, Bart has the ability to turn channel 17 into a very informative forum of activities regarding the Jackson Community.

For those of you who listened to his show on WJKN from 1:00pm to 3:00pm, you had the opportunity to learn about the interworkings of the city as well as hear about local current events and upcoming activities. His new show promises to continue the same, but very well could turn into the number one source, for us as a community, to get the information we can`t from other local medias. Nothing against the local newspapers and commercial television stations, but their job is reporting news that HAS happened.

On his radio Afternoon Show, Hawley would generally spend the first hour interviewing local community celebs and address the current issues of the day. His second hour was a little more fun, as Hawley has a true talent for British Style humor.

His last show was September 29, 2000. One of his "last show" guests was also his first almost three and a half years earlier. It was George Davis, Manager of the Michigan Theatre. While not commenting much, Davis was just happy to be there and spend most of his time consuming fresh popcorn from the Michigan Theatre, which he had brought primarily for Bart, a gourmet popcorn lover.

Other guests included Bart`s older son Joe Hawley, Timm Richardson, Shawn Daly, Captain Jackson, Will Kangas, Tom Rickidello, John Salov and Station Manager Rocky Curl. The show was also plaqued with regular fans calling and wishing Bart well.

"It was a fun show to do. It`s been a rough couple of weeks. It`s like a second death in the family", Hawley said, referring to the death of his father, Fred, only eleven days earlier.

Cable channel JTV-17 promises to be a positive contribution to this wonderful community. And with Hawley at the helm, we can be assured of the same, if not a better, presentation of the local goings on. But JTV-17 can`t become the dream of Hawley and so many others without the support of the community.

For example, Hawley needs a variety of help: videographers, editors, interns, a support staff and talent. If you`re interested, send a letter or resume to: JTV-17, 152 West Michigan Avenue, Jackson, MI, 49201 or call (517) 787-TV17 (8817) or FAX (517) 783-5060. Community announcements can also be relayed via those numbers.

This endeavor has the potential to became something else unique to our fabulous Emerald City. More than a "public access" channel, with Hawley`s creativity and local contribution, this could locally well become more popular than network commercial television.

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