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Date: 9/26/2000
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

No, I am NOT Jackson Citizen Patriot Ace Reporter Bradley Flory. My daughter does not go to Hunt School and the Queen of Hearts is not my wife or a longtime girlfriend. Who we are is people who have always wished to make a positive difference.

When I took this job at the "Square on the Net", I told my editor I wasn`t interested in writing "Columns". However, I do get a great deal of e-mail in regards to our "real personalities", and I have become friends with many people that understand our mission. So, as Brad Flory might say, here goes.....

Jackson is a wonderful community, filled with both positive and negative individuals. I began my quest as someone who preferred the positive. "CAPTAIN JACKSON" is also an idea and a feeling shared by many. I just took the initiative.

I have always been a "positive thinking" person. My daughter is the same way. When she began her volunteer work at The Crouch Senior Center, she also began to see what positive enrichment it would bring.

We have drawn others to our cause as well. One is "The Eye" from the San Francisco, California area who believes in the same form of crime fighting as we do---just by being there---but without a uniform.

We also have our "anti-heroes". Some despise us because of the way we present ourselves, and consider us "Comic Book Characters". And some, like my arch-nemesis The Evil MADAM GOOEY (whom to this day I really don`t know who is), wished to join the positive reaction and has even called in to The Bart Hawley radio show to threaten our alleged "Super Powers". All in fun perhaps, but it has had it`s positive impact on the way we as citizens look at our public surroundings, and society as well.

The Queen of Hearts admired our Pro-Jackson work as well and wished to join our cause. She had been following our adventures since our first Jackson Citizen Patriot newspaper story. Just another good deed doer with something positive to contribute to society.

Her mission is to educate people about Domestic Violence, and teach them how to recognize and prevent it at a young age. She has a history of working at different agencys similar to Jackson`s AWARE Center. She has also joined us on patrol at a number of public functions---where she learned that while this may be a good way to educate the public, it`s also a great deal of HARD WORK.

I have saved three people from drowning. I have been instrumental at two serious accident scenes. Not of which were done in a cape, cowl or mask. That`s part of the message. Anyone can be CAPTAIN JACKSON.

And it`s not the uniforms. It all comes down to a desire to make society a better place to live. Anybody can do it. Whether helping seniors at The Crouch Center, greeting people at The Michigan Theatre or swinging a hammer at the "Play for Peace" playground project build at Pleasant Lake, where hundreds of people came together to create something for the future of our youth. It`s all about giving something back.

Anyone can join the ranks of "those who wish to make a difference". And it costs very little---usually just a little bit of your time.

Do something positive for your community today, the reward is well worth the effort.

Copyright 2000, CFC

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