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Date: 3/31/2001
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

The weather could have been better, but then we do reside in Michigan. Actually, it was about right, giving this event almost the perfect early spring atmosphere.

When Jenny Dolan of the Ella Sharp Museum first contacted me about attending and being a judge for the Maple Syrup Recipe contest, I became very curious. History has always been one of my favorite subjects and the opportunity to "step back" into the past, so to speak, intrigued me.

The event ran between noon and four Sunday March 25th, which hardly seemed like enough time to enjoy all of the free activities available for the thousand plus people who attended.

All of the exhibits were open to the public free of charge, including the sheep shearing demonstration which was done with an antique shearing machine. Other demonstrations included the spinning and weaving of wool, the maple sap boiling, the printing press in the print shop and the woodworking display. The Homespun Strings even performed inside the old schoolhouse.

For the kids there were two workshops. In one they learned how to boil and stir the maple syrup to make maple candy. Even I took a hand at creating some of the scrumptious dessert!

In the other workshop the children used their creativity to make rain sticks---cardboard tubes filled with rice and sealed off and decorated. Many were very creative.

Then came the Maple Recipe Contest. With the assistance of fellow judges CRIMEFIGHTER GIRL and the QUEEN of HEARTS, I had the difficult task of tasting and judging almost a dozen food products made with real maple flavoring. Why difficult? Each one was a winner in itself!

Of my favorites were the Maple Apple Crunch and the Maple Nut ice cream topping. Also high on my list was the Maple Vinaigrette and the Maple Moose topping. But after the three of us spending a great amount of time taste testing each, the Maple Nut ice cream topping and Maple Walnut Cake were awarded the winners.

And though a bit cold, it was a very exciting day for everyone who attended.

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