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Date: 2/23/2001
Written By: Crimefighter Girl

by Crimefighter Girl

You know it`s not really about the mask or the uniform. It`s not for the publicity. If you could ever experience something so wonderful like a smile on one`s face, or making one`s day, you`d know exactly what I`m talking about. That`s the reason we do it.

We love to see the expression on one of the seniors faces when we go to visit the senior center, or when we`re on patrol just saying "Hello" to a good citizen. It makes their day, and ours just knowing that it puts smiles on their faces. That`s why we volunteer at places like the Michigan Theatre, and I volunteer at the Crouch Senior Center.

When I volunteer at the Senior Center we do activities such as bingo, card games, singing and also dancing. The best thing of all is talking and visiting with the seniors. Hearing them talk about their past makes you wonder what the future will bring you. Now and then I take breaks to see one of my good friends Judy Wright. I think of her all the time. She introduced me to some of the seniors. I think she is really nice, and I appreciate her for letting me volunteer at the Crouch Senior Center.

I also think of Jan, who is in charge, and the wonderful ladies that work in the office. And most of all I am so thankful to Marlene who works with the seniors and helps them, because without her they would not have anyone.

I wanted to let you all know at the Crouch Senior Center even if I don`t know you I appreciate the effort you put in everyday because the world needs more people like you today. And that to me is what I call volunteering!

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