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Date: 8/15/2001
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

For as long as most Jackson natives can remember, the I-94 business route from east to west has been Ann Arbor Road from exit 144 (which turns into Michigan Avenue) to Louis Glick Highway and back to Michigan Avenue. Simple enough. And from west to east it is again a simple trip down Michigan Avenue and "around the loop" (Washington Avenue) to Michigan Ave until you hit the expressway.

Now let us look at the North/South routes. Heading north on Business US-127 it is a straight shot up Airline Drive, past the train station, down Milwaukee (which most people think is Cooper) and to I-94. Ever try giving directions to someone going the opposite way? Think about it.

And then there is the re-naming of Michigan Avenue downtown. I am sure there must be a few people in this community who will remember when it was called Main Street. Just follow Michigan Avenue past Westwood Mall and see that the short strip of the original road is still called by its original name---Main Street.

Many alternatives to the Jackson street situation have been addressed at recent public meetings, and the Michigan Department of Transportation awaits. A number of valid points have also been made. Some downtown merchants have even protested certain changes because of what they believe will be limited access to the downtown business district. But when was the last time the main business trunk route passed through the downtown area? If you access historical maps, it was a time when Michigan Avenue was called Main Street.

Remember the old adage KISS. "Keep It Simple Stupid". If Louis Glick Hwy becomes Michigan, and Airline Drive and Milwaulkee becomes Cooper, it is a straight shot through town on both the East/West and North/South routes. And as far as the downtown business people who think this will hinder their businesses, perhaps they should drive through the city and check out the many signs which direct people to Downtown Jackson thanks to the efforts of the Downtown Development Authority.

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