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Date: 9/15/2000
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

Unlike Jackson Citizen Patriot ace reporter Brad Flory, I have believed in the goodness of Jackson since the first moment I stepped off the proverbial bus. The Pleasant Lake "Play For Peace" Playscape Playground Project is just another example of a wonderful community coming together for the good of our future.

For those of you who are unaware of this playground build, check out the Loomis Park Playground Project at:

Loomis Park

The Loomis project took place last April, and is very similar to what the great citizens of Jackson County accomplished this past week. To do this, the estimates stated we needed 1600 volunteers.

Tuesday was damp and cold. Thursday was cats and dogs---as in rain. Friday was mud and cold. And each day we could have used at least an extra hundred sets of hands. But we did not get them.

It did not matter though. The thirty plus regulars wore extra clothes, placed a tarp over the construction poles during the rain and worked extra shifts in an attempt to keep the project on schedule. I am very proud to have gotten to know most of them on a first name basis.

Saturday was the real work day. The weather cooperated and many more people showed up to help. The atmosphere was wonderful. Everyone in the community were finally coming together. But was it too late? What major construction that wasn`t finished Sunday at six, couldn`t be.

Sunday the entire project came together. We went to work, believing it would be the hardest day. A "catch-up" day. But it wasn`t. Instead, the entire day had a very relaxed feeling about it. It became nourishment for the soul. It was as though the entire body of us became one. Each knowing our own tasks and responsibilities. We all worked in total harmony.

The really amazing part of this story is that we only had about three hundred volunteers in total to build this magnificent structure (according to waiver counts). And the majority of these volunteers handled support positions such as registration, tool distribution, day care, child entertainment, first aid, food preparation and general coordinators. Throughout the entire build, there was always a feeling of, "We`re gonna get this done!" And we did.

Sunday afternoon at 5:45pm the dedication speeches began. Fifteen minutes later, what appeared as a multitude of marching children walked through the entrance, breaking a paper chain they had specially made for the occasion, and officially opened the playground for the enjoyment of this wonderful community!

There are, as were at Loomis, a number of fine details yet to be added. The lighthouse, for example, will have a solar cell and battery installed to power the flashing light which will shine from dusk until about ten. A little more stain and regular maintenance. Not to mention the lettering of the pickets. But by spring all will be installed and operational. And if you`re interested in having your name on a picket, they will be available for quite some time. For information write: Play For Peace, P.O. Box 178, Pleasant Lake, MI 49272.

Take the time to visit this community"s latest creative treasure. It is such a beautiful sight. I guarantee you won`t be sorry!

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