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Date: 12/15/2000
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

It`s hard to believe that over a year has passed since the first public appearance of myself and CRIMEFIGHTER GIRL. Since then, we have worked very hard to promote this wonderful community and educate the public about making a positive difference in society. And though at first a number of citizens had their doubts about our intentions, our perseverance has proven that those intentions were sincere.

We have make a great deal of friends in this city, and have had the opportunity to make a difference in our community, not to mention contribute to a number of wonderful causes. And while our methods have sometimes been called "attention grabbing", anyone who has spent time working with us has learned we are not in this for the personal recognition. Rather, we are really humble people who only which to contribute. As I have said on many occasions, Captain Jackson is not about a mask, cape and cowl, but rather a symbol, or a feeling of a community coming together in a positive cause. Who we really are is irrelevant---it is the message of community involvement that is important.

We take great honor in the fact that our mission has been accepted. Statements like "Thank you for what you"re doing" and "Keep up the good work" show us the respect so many people seem to have for us, and what we are trying to accomplish.

An example of this is the QUEEN of HEARTS, who joined us during the summer. She had respected our methods and wished to joined our cause. Another is THE FRIENDS OF CAPTAIN JACKSON SOCIETY, basically a group of people whom we tell about our current charity projects. I can not provide exact figures, but I know a great deal of money has been donated, thanks to them.

For those of you who don"t know about some of our programs, please check out or web site at:

The Crimefighter Corps

We now have links to our site from all over the country. Believe me, it is rewarding to believe that we can also make a difference in other parts of the planet as well.

There are far too many people to personally thanks for our success, and that of our many causes. Therefore, I won`t get into individual names. You know who you are. I just wish to say "Thank You" for your support, and hope that with the beginning of the new millennium also brings a new era of community Good Deed Doing for all!


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