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Date: 1/1/2001
Written By: Captain Jackson

by Captain Jackson

I have some bad news for those of you who celebrated the beginning of the new millennium a year ago. All you celebrated was the beginning of the new century. But don`t feel bad though, it`s an honest mistake.

Arthur C. Clark recently again wrote an article about the beginning of the new millennium. He also penned the story for the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Think about it now. When a baby is six months old, it may be in its first year, but it is not ONE. Actually, it is ZERO.

As there is no ZERO A.D., the first year of the western calendar was ONE. That makes the beginning of the year 2000 actually the 1999th year A.D. Perhaps I digress, but this new beginning also seems to represent a new beginning for Jackson.

As many of you are aware, I arrived in this town a little more than a year ago with a mission and a cause. Since then I have seen the demise of the "We Like It Here" signs, the advent of "Renaissance (tax relaxed) Zones", the construction of a new multi-million dollar power plant on the decaying Goodyear Plant site, the Consumers Energy deal with the city and the rebirth of the Downtown Business District. What a time to move to this community!

From what I understand this is a family town and has always been. So why the improvement? Perhaps because Jackson has been importing so many quality family oriented people to fill the many high tech jobs which are becoming available. Perhaps it also has something to do with the fact that the cost of living is among the lowest in the surrounding communities and thanks to the Jackson City Police we enjoy one of the lowest crime rates for such a community. Perhaps it`s just the time for Jackson to enter the new millennium and take its rightful position as the center of mid-Michigan commerce.

And it is not just about location, the cost of living or the increase of local business. It is about people coming together to bring positive changes and go forward into the new millennium. And the people of Jackson are doing just that.

The New Year"s Eve celebration downtown was a very good example of that. In addition to twenty some Jackson City Police Officers and Reserves, the CRIMEFIGHTER CORPS were on hand to help make this another example of an enjoyable crime free event in the Emerald City. And I`m happy to report the event was all that and more.

Thousands of people came and went as the individual different activities continued on. The Michigan Theatre with JEFF AND THE ATLANTICS was probably the most popular of spots. They had installed a dance floor and several visitors, including myself, took a moment to relax and enjoy a dance.

The "warming tent" was also a big hit with it`s free hot chocolate and magic acts. And such a wonderful meeting place for the several people who had the opportunity to run into acquaintances they had not seen since the summer downtown events.

This midnight saw the best downtown fireworks display to date. Fired from atop the State Building, everyone along Michigan Avenue had the "best seat in the house" no matter how crowded the street was. And thanks to Kathleen Eriksen and the Downtown Development Authority, not to mention so many others, everything ran as smooth as silk.

Afterwards, Arnie Schneider invited us into his establishment to celebrate the beginning of the new millennium. What a spectacular restaurant! It even boasts the bar from the old WC`s. If you have not been there, it has to be a MUST on your "to-do" list. As we were off duty, we did partake in a toast to the new year, and sampled some of ARNIE`S excellent cuisine. The cake alone looked better than most places entrees). We even took time for a quick dance. What an honor it had been to be welcomed not only by Arnie, but by the so many wonderful people who believe in the future of this city and back us in it`s promotion.

And as far as myself, along with my newest assistant the Queen of Hearts, Brad Flory`s story and full size photograph of me in Sunday`s Jackson Citizen Patriot has given this wonderful city and our cause a great boost. True, on the one hand he says, "Look!`s a weirdo, it`s a fruitcake! No, it`s...Captain Jackson." But as he also remarked, "Our Hero, like it or not" and "How can one city get so much?" Like I have stated many times before, I only wear the uniform. What we represent is what Jackson is becoming. A wonderfully positive expanding city of the New Millenniun.

Happy New Year Jackson, the TRUE Emerald City!

Copyright 2001, CFC

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