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CRIMEFIGHTER GIRL, also know as "JACKSON'S LITTLE SWEETHEART" is CAPTAIN JACKSON'S 21 year old sidekick. In addition to patroling the streets of Jackson in search of CRIME, she regularly volunteers at the Michigan Theatre.

Besides her crime fighting and volunteer work, CRIMEFIGHTER GIRL enjoys cheerleading, dancing, singing, acting, performing, writing, running track, playing basketball, racing, shopping, swimming, chatting, camping, rock climbing, going to church, taking flying lessons, climbing the worlds tallest ski jumps, football with the guys, playing violin, hanging out with friends and having fun.

Feel free to contact CRIMEFIGHTER GIRL. She would love hearing from you!

Unfortunately for most of her local fans, Crimefighter Girl has moved on with her life and now goes to college in the Kalamazoo, MI area.

Photo above: CRIMEFIGHTER GIRL with Rose City Queen Rebecca Hilleary at the Michigan Theatre.

This site includes past articles written by members of The CRIMEFIGHTER CORPS.

To find a very detailed list of our adventures go to CRIMEFIGHTER CORPS ACTIVITY REPORTS.

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