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Jackson County Sheriff Dan Heynes poses outside his office.

The purpose of this site is to give the general public quick access to Jackson County Police agencies and related sites. As more local agencies attain web sites, we will post them on the links section of this site. To access these various Police Agency sites, begin by clicking LINKS at the upper left corner of this page. Also take a moment to check out the photo gallery with pictures of Jackson County's finest, along with related stories.

If you are concerned about drug pushers in your neighorhood you should contact JNET, a specialized group of law officers made up of The Jackson City Police, The Jackson County Sheriff Department and the local post of The Michigan State Police whose goal is to rid our community of such scum. You can report such activies by calling (517) 784-2990 or FAXing (517) 784-1350.

If you have evidence (such as names and addresses, pictures, videotape, etc.) and wish to remain anonymous, you can mail it to:

JNET 3401 Cooper Street Jackson, MI 49201

PLEASE NOTE: If you have information about drug pushers please contact JNET directly!


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